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Posted: Sunday, April 30, 2017 5:19 PM


This Desk is on Clearance Sale for $109
The one featured is in a two tone wood desk and hutch.
Features 3 cabinet drawers and 3 pull out drawers.
Bottom left cabinet is used for a desktop computer or storage.
Holes are located on the center and the side of the desk to keep the wires tidy.
For more info on upgrading your furniture, please visit:

Desk_ Furniture_
We have a HUGE INVENTORY of furniture on SALE.
Living Room Sets, Bedroom Sets, Memory Foam Mattress, Easy To Adore this Dinette On Sale!!
0003;Bed Frames $59
0003;Bedroom Sets $169
0003;End Tables $30
0003;Sofa (couch) and Love Seat 2 Piece Living Room Set $259
0003;Bunk Beds $149
0003;Dining Set with Table and Chairs for $140
0003;Ottoman storage bench for only $33
0003;Most of our items includes delivery.
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• Location: Gainesville, Jacksonville, Ocala, St. Augustine

• Post ID: 14572028 ocala

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